Quality, Convenience, and Value Since 1972.

Our family owned company was started by Walter and Eileen Makowecki in 1972 and has been producing top quality perogies at a great value ever since.  They were driven by the idea that perogies could become a staple food similar to pasta or potatoes if he could make them at scale for an affordable price.  The company worked hard to develop the automated and patented process of producing high quality perogies, and promote them as a convenient and nutritious frozen food.  Their son Joe is now president and CEO, and with the Cheemo team, continues to add efficiencies to production and market CHEEMO perogies across North America for consumers to enjoy.

Our Beginnings

Walter believed that a family of five should be able to enjoy a healthy nutritious meal for under $5.00 and that top quality perogies could be a good low-cost part of the meal.  That is still the case today as you will see in the many tasty snack and meal recipes we provide on our website.  Check out the pictures below of our early years in the food industry.

Our Company Today: A Bigger Team With The Same Core Values

As the popularity and sales of CHEEMO perogies has grown so has the size of our team and manufacturing facility.  We are still located in Edmonton, Alberta but in our 4th location.  We’re proud to say CHEEMO perogies are now a best seller in frozen food sections and food service operations across North America.

Although we have grown a lot as a company, we are still committed to those same core values of Quality, Convenience & Value.  Our customers continue to enjoy convenient products made with real potatoes, fresh ingredients like cheddar cheese, onions, cottage cheese, bacon, and more.  Perogies have become a staple food and a popular choice for snacks or meals any time of the week.

From our quality assurance and production teams, to our shipping, sales,  and management team we continue to be focused on making top quality products at a great value and providing them to you through our retail and foodservice partners across North America.  We thank you for choosing CHEEMO and hope you continue to enjoy them.

Try some of our recipe or preparation ideas and watch for some new varieties of CHEEMO perogies in stores and restaurants near you.

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