Try These Delicious Perogy Recipes

Over 25 Ways To Enjoy Perogies Year Round

Perogy Poutine, Perogy Alfredo, Nacho Perogies and more.  Cheemo Perogies are very versatile, and like pasta, are delicious on their own, or as a great base for snack or meal solutions at any time of day.

Breakfast perogies are a great alternative to hashbrowns, and can grill up golden brown and crispy.  Barbequed perogies are delicious when done in aluminum foil with some butter and onions, and then served with sour cream, bacon bits, and chopped green onions – like a baked potato!  And a perogy casserole makes a great comfort food and delicious lunch leftovers.

Check out the recipes below and give them a try.  Your sure to find some new favorite perogy recipe ideas, or experiment with some of your own.